Young n’ Adult Ministry

Young Adult Ministry is the outreach service of the OREC  in the Maryland, District of Colombia, and Virginia area to women and men.

Young Adult Ministry has a very simple purpose – to put adults in contact with each other and to offer some alternatives to what is experienced in our culture.

We try to respond to questions like these:

  • Are there people around who share my values?
  • How do you meet good people once you’ve moved here?
  • What does it mean to be a person of faith today?
  • Is there any resource for young oromo adult around?
  • Where can I give some of my time or talent?

There are young adults coming together to have a good time and just be social. There are people coming together to celebrate life or to talk with one another and reflect on what really counts. There are young adults involved in programs of service to the more needy in our community.

Young Adult Ministry is our job and our joy. What can we {(do for you?)

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